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At the southernmost tip of America, the wonders of Chile lay long and thin: a land of glaciers, ice zones, deserts, country sides and mountain range, rivers, lakes and the Pacific Ocean. Here you’ll find the natural spectacle where all the possible climates and sights are found, from the northern heat to the rainy south. Chile finds the protection of the Andes Mountains to the east and the riches of the coast to the west. It is within these natural boundaries that Chilean artists such as Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Vicente Huidobro, Claudio Arrau and Roberto Matta have found inspiration.

Viña Casa Vergara was founded in the central valleys of Chile. Located in Cauquenes, Valle del Maule, where it has stood strong for three generations. Our mission has been oriented to the production of high quality wines in non massive quantities.
Casa Vergara is a family business that emphasizes the importance of maintaining certain principles and values that come with this particular labor of love, respecting its tradition, its magic and its mysteries.

Viña Casa Vergara is formed by Juan Pablo Vergara and Francisco Vergara, the latter one leaving us in December of 2005, but guiding and blessing us from the skies.The vine-stocks that we offer are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and our own Chilean Carmenere.
Our 35 hectare plantation is carefully nurtured with underground waters taken from over 40 meters of depth, with an irrigation system by dripping.Last, but not least, we want to invite you to taste our wines and connect with the Cauquenes terroir, a geographical and climatic advantage recognized by the experts and that by all means is poured into each bottle of our vineyard.

Thanks to the passion and the form
in which we cultivate our
vineyards, we are able to
produce wines with character and
unique personality, looking for
always the maximum expression
of the terroir of Cauquenes.


Our mission is to achieve the best quality wines produced in the Cauquenes area. Because of the passion we put in the way in which our vines are grown, we are able to produce wines with character and unique personality, always looking for theyr maximum expression.
Casa Vergara wines are a true pleasure for our consumers.




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